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TOPCAT Thanos A-1 is the world's first rechargeable high-speed Fog Gun. It is very easy to use by consuming fog fluid instead of connecting to gas cylinder to create awesome effects. Different from the traditional CO2 gun used in the entertainment venues, consuming carbon dioxide, inconvenient and costly to use, A-1 fog gun is fully electric and with long full burst continuous for 35s. The rechargeable battery inside the gun make it portable to use without the limitation of power cable any more. The output strength and speed are enhanced by a high-speed small fan which can also be controlled independently to create strong wind to interact with audiences for fun. With TOPCAT unique Thanos A-1 fog gun, have fun and lead the new fashion. 


  • Designed with high-speed fan to help enhance fog output strength;
  • Continuous full burst up to 30s;
  • Specially designed bullet-shape fluid tank, easy to replace or refill;
  • Coated with special insulation layer to avoid overheat;
  • Two charging rooms in bottom base for battery charging;
  • Quick-change function for the rechargeable battery.


AC Power

  • Input Voltage & Rate: AC 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Current Limiter Type: Breaker
  • Current Limiter Specifications: 6 A, 250 V
  • Total Power Consumption: 1,200 W


  • Heat Up Time: Appr. 7 min

Light Source

  • LED Color: Nozzle LED:RGB   Gun Body LED: RGBW
  • LED Type: Nozzle LEDThree in one     Gun Body LED:Quad
  • Power per LED: Nozzle LED:9 W    Gun Body LED:0.5W
  • Total LED Power: Nozzle LED:36 W    Gun Body LED:33 W


  • Fluid Tank Capacity :330 mL


  • Adjustable Volume: ×
  • Max Output Volume:  Appr. 20,000 cuft/min 
  • Max Output Distance:   Appr. 8 m 
  • Fluid Consumption @ full volume:  Appr.100 ml/min
  • Fluid Consumption (100% Output): Appr. 30s


  • Horizontal: √

  • Inclined : ×
  • Sidelong: ×

  • Hang Upside Down: ×

  • Rigging & Trussing : √


  • On-device Manual Control : LCD control board
  • Wireless Control: ×
  • Wired Control: ×
  • DMX-512×


  • Consumable: PRO-Q

Weight & Dimensions

  • Net Weight: 7.5 kg 
  • Gross Weight: 35 kg 
  • Gun Dimensions: 751.7 × 301.4 × 134.8 mm
  • Power Base Dimensions: 560 × 199 × 173.5 mm
  • Flightcase Dimensions:828×618×310mm(DX)
  • Flightcase Dimensions:828×438×280mm (GL)