Innovation History

  • Patented X-SW1800 MINI Aqua Low Fog Machine

  • Patented DB-60V Vertical Bubble Machine

  • Patented DSK-1600VM LED Swing Super Jet

  • Patented H-22V Hurricane Super Jet(Patent NO.: ZL202220658262.7)

  • Patented H-IP3000 Rainproof Dual Nozzle Fog Machine

  • Patented H-4S Haze Machine (Patent NO.: ZL202230106379.X)

  • Patented H-SF800 Water Mist Flamer (Patent NO.: ZL202221272952.5)

  • Patented CAT-1 Cloud Hazer (Patent NO. : ZL201921621581.5)

  • Patented HQ-1 3D Hydro Dancer(Patent NO.:CN202120980484.6 )

  • Patented Newest haze machine DFZ-880 (Patent NO. : ZL201920613692.5)

  • Liquid supply system DK-1S

  • Four nozzle Bubble fog machine WP-4

  • Patented X-7M Hybrid Jet (Patent NO. : CN201930564057.8)

  • Patented CAT-2 Atmospheric Generator (Patent NO. : ZL201921621581.5)

  • Patented Thanos A-1 Fog Gun (Patent NO. : ZL201930206199.7)

  • Patented Bubble fog machine WP-2 (Patent NO. : ZL201822005143.8)

  • World’s first dual output vertical fog machine Super-Jet H-2VSD

  • World’s first monocoque frame aqua low fog machine H-SW3000

  • China’s first dual nozzle fog machine

  • World’s first Inner flame color change(IFCC)

  • World’s first patented product of
    SUPER-JET vertical fog machine H-2VS

  • World’s first patented PRO DMX bubble machine H-8

  • World’s first aluminum-housing PRO haze machine H-3

  • World’s first automatic speed-changing confetti machine H-R1

  • World’s first automatic DMX dry ice machine H-X1 DMX

  • Pioneer to create X-4 LED CO2 Jet in China

  • World’s first LED vertical fog machine DSK-1500V

  • World’s first super quiet snow machine
    (<56dB if 10m away)

  • China’s first insulated high-intensity composite material dry ice machine

  • World’s first vertical LED fog machine

  • World’s first patented “immediate-stop” technology

  • World’s first multi-angle fog machine

    World’s first super mini electronic temperature control fog machine

  • World’s first moving head LED fog machine

  • World’s first vertical fog machine

  • China’s first patented technology of MIRROR Pipe

  • China’s first electronic temperature control fog & haze machine

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